Langport Spotter trail

The Langport Spotter Trail Leaflet

What do you think of it then?  We all enjoyed making it, with lots of help from local people, Janet Seaton was really helpful making sure we got the facts right before we went to print and we learnt so much as well.

How about a few fun things you may not know about the photographs in the leaflet and thank you to Maureen Harvey and Bill Langford for their time in taking these photographs  for us.

Did you see the photograph of the Langport Friendly Society?  They are a society that date back year and years and we are lucky to have one in Langport.  They meet traditionally on the nearest Saturday to Oak Apple Day and they all march about the Langport and Huish Episcopi and collect money which goes towards helping local charities.

What about the beast of Langport? This cat goes down in history as one of the most ferocious and scary of all, she was known locally to  sit has high as she could and then hiss and spit at people, however this was just an act she put on. We know that really she was actually a sweet cat that just liked to have a bit of fun with us humans.

FACT: The beast of Langport once got chased by a blackbird.

The picture of the Stuckys window and the lambs.

FACT: Did you know that once, a long time ago, a lamb broke loose from a farmer taking it  the market  which  used to be held on the top of The Hill and it ran into the church and all the way up the aisle! We say it was barrrrmy.

More fun things soon - keep watching.


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